EMSC is the European Infrastructure
for seismological products in : 
Web Services


The EventID web service maps dynamically event identifiers to allow the identification of a same event between different seismological institutions.


Web service conforms to the FDSN-Event standards and providing all the EMSC event data available. Event information can include all origins and all arrivals as desired.

Flinn-Engdahl Lookup

The service identifies the Flinn-Engdahl region from a geolocalisation entry point.

Moment Tensors

Web service that gives access to the moment tensors collected at EMSC

Rupture Models

The web service allows to recover all rupture models from the SRCMOD database of Martin Mai (which is the database of finite-fault rupture models of past earthquakes). These earthquake source models are obtained from inversion or modeling of seismic, geodetic and other geophysical data, and characterize the space-time distribution of kinematic rupture parameters.

Felt reports

This service allows to download all felt reports collected from eyewitness during earthquakes through EMSC websites and Lastquake mobile application.

(near) Realtime Notification

Near realtime notification of new and updated earthquake event can be received using the WebSocket protocol. Any WebSocket client can connect to our service to be notified. Javascript, Python example codes are provided to demonstrate the service.